The Hardanger Fiddle Association of America presents

Open Hearth:

HFAA's Winter Workshop

January 30 & 31, 2021


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A collection of warm & inviting classes

providing instruction in Hardanger fiddle, dance, and singing

About the Instructors

Laura Ellestad

Hardanger Fiddle

Alix Cordray


Lajla Storli

Singing and Hardanger Fiddle

Laura Ellestad plays traditional Hardanger fiddle music from Valdres, Norway, although she is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Traditional Music Performance from the Ole Bull Academy in Voss (2008–2012) and a master's degree in Performance with Thesis from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo (2012–2014). She has studied with some of the foremost Hardanger fiddlers and tradition bearers in Norway, has worked extensively as both a performer and fiddle teacher, and has led instruction and given concerts in Norway, Canada, and the US. Laura is also a popular dance fiddler and plays regularly for dance practices and workshops. She is currently a Lecturer at the Department of Traditional Art and Traditional Music at the University of South-Eastern Norway, Campus Rauland.

Alix Cordray has toured the U.S. and appeared at major Scandinavian dance weekends and camps teaching Norwegian dance numerous times. After growing up in international folk dancing in northern California, she moved to Norway in 1975, where she is an active dance instructor. Alix currently teaches traditional Norwegian dance at two Oslo recreational groups, as well as giving many workshops. Alix has a Master of Arts in dance from Mills College, a broad background in multiple genres of dance, and has done university work in Norwegian dance in Norway.

Lajla Storli comes from Hardanger in Norway, and is one of the country's foremost folk singers. She also plays the Hardanger fiddle and has toured extensively both in her home country and abroad. Her solo album "Møya som drøymde" was released in 2013, with little-known medieval ballads from Hardanger and Voss. Lajla is widely used as a instructor in both fiddle playing and singing.

General Info

  • All events take place online over Zoom.

  • Registration is required; one registration per person provides access to all classes. Following registration, you will receive information via email on how to access the classes and class resources including song words, audio and video recordings, and other materials.

  • Registration is free! However, donations are gratefully accepted. Your donations to the HFAA help us to continue to offer additional programs in the future.

  • B.Y.O. fiddle, voice, and dancing shoes!

If you have not yet attended any Zoom workshops, here is some information about what to expect.

  • You will receive a link prior to the event which you will click on at the specified workshop time. This link will take you to the Zoom meeting room where the workshop will be conducted.

  • All students will be muted while the instructor is teaching.

  • You are encouraged to play/dance/sing along as the instructor is teaching step-by-step and expecting you to try to follow. The instructor will not be able to hear you, so if you have any questions, please type them in the chat window.

  • You will want to keep your view set to "speaker view" so you can see the instructor in the full window.